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" Art wasn't supposed to look nice; It was supposed to make you feel something. "

By Rainbow Rowell

 Traduction : [ L'art n'était pas censé être beau ; il était censé vous faire ressentir quelque chose. ] 


 About Audace Aziakou and the exhibition Kosu Kosu...

Through this exhibition entitled Kɔ́súkɔ́sú, i.e. Termites,


Tognissé AZIAKOU explores the way in which time permeates both bodies and nature. The artist probes the deep relationship that unites humanity with the environment that hosts and envelops it.

Resulted from several trips to Houndjonoudji (Grand-Popo) in Benin republic, this exhibition is a tribute to his grandmother and her unique relationship with nature, her community and the Fa (beninese geomancy).


Through a dialogue of works, a play on scale and perspective, the artist invites us to share the relationship with the world that he discovered during the time spent researching and creating.


This exhibition attempts to capture, through several photographic series, his grandmother's view of life and its inextricable link with its environment, particularly the mother Earth.

This exhibition invites us to reflect on the harmony and relationship between human existence, its creations and the beyond, exploring notions of the visible and invisible.

At the same time, Kɔsúkɔsú reveals the process of returning to one's roots that Tognissé AZIAKOU has begun in recent months. The works echo this stage of reconnection, outlining a new relationship with the world...


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